UPVC Shiplap Cladding

Shiplap UPVC cladding is a great choice for external cladding, for a variety of reasons. Not only is it maintenance-free and easy to install, it’s also energy-efficient and sustainable. Shiplap cladding is also super long-lasting and is available in a wide range of colours to suit any property.

Each exterior shiplap cladding board measures 5m x 150mm and covers an area of 0.75 square metres. Our shiplap cladding boards are made by FloPlast and carry a ten-year colour and performance guarantee and a reaction to fire classification of D-s3, d2/(AHM). As market-leading products, our ranges of plastic wall cladding have gained BBA Certification as well as being British Standards Registered.

Features & benefits of Shiplap Cladding


If you’re looking for a low-maintenance cladding option, our UPVC shiplap cladding is the right choice for you! It features a weather-resistant skin that prevents moisture from penetrating into the core of the board. This means that shiplap UPVC cladding will not deteriorate due to rot, a problem that traditional timber can be susceptible to. It also won’t need protective coatings to maintain the appearance and climate resistance of the boards.


Our shiplap cladding comes in several different colours to suit aesthetic or practical preferences:

  • White continues to be the most popular colour in our range of shiplap UPVC cladding
  • Anthracite grey fits with the trending grey home furnishings that have been popular in recent years
  • A striking yet classic option for any property is black ash
  • The vibrant, warm tones of our golden oak exterior shiplap cladding are the perfect accompaniment to the classic property
  • Rosewood provides a natural, woodgrain finish, similar to traditional timber cladding


Shiplap UPVC cladding is supplied in standard lengths of 5 metres, and it’s relatively easy to install. Much like timber cladding, shiplap UPVC cladding can easily but cut and nailed using traditional tools, and the products are relatively lightweight, allowing for easy transportation and installation.

We do recommend that, if the installation covers walls that are either in exposed locations or not weather-tight, you should use a suitable backing membrane to ensure that your installation is totally watertight.

To view our full installation guide for exterior shiplap cladding, click here.


Plastic shiplap cladding also has the benefit of providing an additional external barrier, reducing thermal loss from the inside of the building. This has been recognised by the A+ rating under the Code for Sustainable Homes.

In addition to its insulating properties, exterior shiplap cladding has acoustic properties that lead to a reduction in background noise from outside.


Our plastic shiplap cladding is supplied with a 10-year guarantee, which covers both product performance and significant discolouration. To view Floplast's full Cladding performance guarantee document, click here.


Our ship lap cladding system has been assessed and given an A+ rating. This means that the specifier or builder can claim the code for sustainable homes maximum of three points when using our UPVC shiplap cladding on an external wall system.


Shiplap cladding from Floplast carries a reaction to fire classification of D-s3, d2/(AHM), which means that the system is not classified as non-combustible. Because of this, they can only be used on buildings with no storey higher than 18m above the ground and 1m or more from a boundary. With minor exceptions, the system should be included in calculations of unprotected area.

Although the spread-of-flame across the surface of shiplap UPVC cladding is limited, the material does tend to char and may fall away when exposed to fire. Due consideration should always be given to any combustible materials behind the cladding, which may become exposed in the event of fire. Where necessary, cavity barriers should be incorporated behind the cladding, as required under the relevant national Building Regulations.

As market leading products our ranges of plastic wall cladding have gained BBA Certification as well as being British Standards Registered.

For a quick overview of how PVC Cladding works, please take a moment to watch the short video below.

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