Composite Slatted Cladding

Composite slatted cladding is a unique, modern option that will transform any type of property.  

With the capability for horizontal and vertical installation, slatted composite cladding is suitable for a variety of projects. It can also be installed as a fence, facade, or screening system. 



Our composite slatted cladding is made of recycled HDPE & reclaimed wood fibres, making it a green choice. 

Long-Lasting & High Strength 

Composite slatted cladding is supplied with a guarantee, giving you the peace of mind that your cladding will look great and last for years. 

Low Maintenance 

To keep our composite slatted cladding boards clean, all you’ll need is a brush and some hot, soapy water! 

Easy To Install 

Installation of composite slatted cladding is guaranteed to be quick and easy. 


Slatted composite cladding is available in ten different colours across our standard and premium ranges: 


  • Grey – A blue/grey colour similar to that of anthracite grey, but with a beautiful woodgrain pattern 
  • Charcoal – a dark grey colour that perfectly suits contemporary houses and commercial buildings 
  • Teak – A warm toned light wood option that suits a variety of property types 
  • Natural – The most realistic colour option in our standard range that aims to mimic the appearance of real oak wood 


  • Midnight – the darkest colour within our range, this deep black makes a striking addition to the modern property  
  • Silver Birch – the lightest colour in the range, this colour features tones of light grey and oak  
  • Spiced Oak – this warm, vibrant brown is reminiscent of oiled red cedar 
  • Argent – a stylish finish with hints of anthracite grey and dark blues 
  • Natural Oak – designed to capture the warm and striking finish of real oak wood 
  • Light Oak – the lightest finish available in our collection that captures the appearance of pristine oak wood 



Composite slatted cladding is supplied with a durable HDPE coating, so there is no need to paint, stain, or treat the cladding boards. It is also weatherproof; it will not fade in the sun, or rot and warp in the rain. We also supply a full range of associated trims and fixings for installation! 


What is composite slatted cladding made of? 

Our premium slatted composite cladding range from Ecoscape is manufactured using recycled high-density polyethylene and reclaimed wood fibres, making it a good choice for both your property and for the environment. 

How long will slatted composite cladding last? 

Supplied with a guarantee, our composite slatted cladding is built to last a long time with the correct maintenance! 

Is composite cladding low maintenance? 

Composite slatted cladding requires very little maintenance – just a clean with a brush and soapy water when you notice dirt on the surface of the boards. 

Which way should I install slatted cladding? 

Our slatted composite cladding can be installed either vertically or horizontally to suit your personal preference! 

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