Soakaways - Large Volumes

Sustainable water management is becoming more and more important and is now a major driver in the UK construction industry. Companies are now looking to manage their surface water via sustainable drainage systems in line with legislation such as the Floods and Water Management Act 2010.

Partnership with Rainsmart

In response, we have partnered with Rainsmart in order to deliver intelligent water management solutions, manufacturing high quality, high strength soakaway drainage solutions from industrial recycled polypropylene to highest industry standards.

The partnership between Rainsmart and Drainage Sales brings vast experience in stormwater management. Our product range covers:

  • 50mm grass and gravel pavers for permeable car park and traffic surfaces
  • 30mm drainage cell for subsurface irrigation for roof and podium gardens
  • Sub-soil drainage tank modules for infiltration, underground retention and stormwater detention

The modules provide a lightweight, structure that is well equipped to suit any soakaway design and can be also be used as grass swale, subsurface interception channels and septic leach drains.

The modular design and structural capabilities distribute loads evenly and allow usage in both traffic and landscaped areas offering a high safety factor. As well as enable the user to create any stormwater structure – any shape, any size.

The Rainsmart product has been installed in some of the biggest stormwater management projects across the globe including FIFA 2022 stadium and training ground projects in Qatar and large commercial builds across the Middle East, USA, Asia, Oceania and Europe.

Together our track record is strong and proven in designing and implementing some of the most complex and unique environmentally friendly projects.

Innovative Drainage Applications

Our solutions include:

  • Horizontal and vertical drainage
  • Sports field drainage
  • Stormwater harvesting
  • Infiltration Tank / Detention Tanks
  • Permeable Car Parks
  • Grass Swales

We look forward to helping you with your commercial development project.

A Modular Solution to Rainwater Management

The beauty of the modular solution is that these crates can be utilised to form any size of excavation by adding additional tank layers for depth or crates for width and length area.

We can also create a design to suit your needs whether that be for infiltration, attenuation or retention of rainwater.

Advantages of the modular system include:

  • Ability to create any shape, any size
  • Easy to transport (supplied it flat pack form if required)
  • Lightweight with no heavy machinery required
  • High void space
  • Structurally strong for traffic loads
  • Environmentally friendly made from recycled material

The tank modules are available in kit form, making transporting economical and easy to handle. The lightweight and stackable nature of the tank modules ensures installation is quick and easy, eliminating the use or need for heavy machinery.

We Can Help You With Design

Our team has access to software to help you with your specification and design needs. This software will allow us to provide you with personalised detailed technical CAD drawings for your project so if this is of interest, please do get in touch.

Keeping Your Soakaway Clean

It’s important that the soakaway remains clean in order to ensure high performance – all our designs are created with this in mind. For best practices, a silt trap is always recommended as a pre-filter, emptying the filter on a regular basis will maintain the efficiency of the soakaway and greatly increase its lifespan.

Engineers and designers have concerns of possible sediment and silt build-up over time, and the lack of ability of the modular system to be” flushed out”. Our soakaway designs will also feature at least one access chamber and linear access through a channel within the tank installation as a means of cleaning.

All that is needed is that one channel (which the drainage pipe will feed into) will be wrapped in an additional layer of non-permeable geotextile membrane (on the bottom and up the sides but not on top). Water will be able to feely move out of this channel (through the membrane) but the membrane will stop any unwanted sediment from dispersing into the full tank.

This channel will then be accessed via an inspection chamber where you will be able to feed a jet spray in to clear out and/or suck up any unwanted residue within the channel.

For attenuation tanks, ventilation will be required to avoid stagnant water and maximise performance. This can be done by installing either a Vent Cowl or a connection pipe to vent air directly into an upstream chamber.

Great Warranties For Great Products

When installed as per Rainsmart Installation guidelines, and within the stipulated design parameters, the system has a design life of 25 years + on the Ellipse and 50 years + on the 65 Tonne Heavy - so we offer a 25 year warranty on the Ellipse and a 50 year warranty on the 65 Tonne Heavy to ensure you're covered.

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