Rosewood Woodgrain Soffit Boards

Our Rosewood Soffit Board is ideal to use alongside our range of Rosewood 18mm Fascias or Cover Boards, allowing you to complete a stunning contemporary roofline finish. Perfect for closing the gap between the outer wall and the back of the bargeboard and/or fascia system, our Rosewood Fascia is extremely tough and durable, ensuring it can survive harsh weather conditions and still keep its colour and functionality.

We are confident of the performance of our Rosewood Soffit and therefore offer a 10 year performance and discolouration guarantee, as is available on all other PVC roofline and guttering products.

Soffit is the name given to the board that runs horizontally from the back edge of the bottom of the fascia board to the top of the wall, closing off the roof space at the eaves. Soffit Boards can be plain or vented, and there is also a cost-effective hollow version which has a tongued and grooved effect to mimic timber cladding. Soffit is non load-bearing.

We also offer soffit in various other colours, including White, Golden Oak and Black Ash. We also offer soffits in various other styles, including vented and hollow boards.

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  1. Soffit Board - 175mm x 10mm x 5mtr Rosewood
    1. Code S175WR
    2. Brand FloPlast
    3. Size 175mm
    £31.31 £37.57
  2. Circular Soffit Vent - Rosewood
    1. Code G700BR
    2. Brand Manthorpe Building Products
    £0.43 £0.52
  3. Soffit Vent Strip - 50mm x 2.5mtr Brown
    1. Code G800BR
    2. Brand Manthorpe Building Products
    3. Size 50mm
    £4.35 £5.22
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12 Items