Fixings For Fascia, Soffit & Cladding

Whatever type of building products you are installing it is always vitally important that the right type of gutter, cladding, soffit or fascia fixings are used. Installed correctly, good quality building materials will add stability and strength to any construction project but using the wrong type or grade of fixing will undermine the project. This is certainly true of PVC products - trying to save money by using cheaper fixings will almost certainly add considerable cost in the long run.

Using the correct fixing products as detailed below will ensure that your project stands the test of time, both structurally and aesthetically.

Fixing Replacement Fascia Boards

Replacement Fascia Boards (16mm - 22mm thick) should always be installed using 65mm A4 Grade Stainless Steel Polytop Nails.  All Polytop nails are available in all colours to match each board option. Replacement fascias are load bearing as they support the gutter system in its entirety, hence the need for such strong fixings. Two nails should be used at every rafter foot (usually 400mm spacings on new build projects). Woodgrain boards should always be fixed at 400mm centres.

65mm Polytop Nail


Fixing Cover Boards

Cover Boards are fixed to either existing sound timber fascia boards (refurbishment projects) or to a new timber backing board (new build projects). They should always be secured to the backing timber using two 50mm A4 Grade Stainless Steel Polytop Nails at 600mm centres (400mm for woodgrain cover boards). 

Fixing Soffit Boards

Cellular Soffit Boards (Plain and Vented Soffits) are installed using 40mm A4 Grade Stainless Steel Polytop Pins. Polytop Pins are both shorter and a smaller gauge than polytop nails, due to the fact that soffit boards are never load bearing. The heads are also smaller, making them less obtrusive. Soffits should be fixed with two pins at 600mm centres (400mm for woodgrain).

Hollow soffits are secret fixed to soffit bearers using 30mm stainless steel cladding nails. The lip of the board is nailed, with the fixing being covered by the next board.

Fixing Soffit Boards

Fixing PVC Cladding Boards

Cellular Cladding, like Hollow Soffit, is secret fixed using 30mm Stainless Steel Cladding Nails fixed into the battens at centres not exceeding 600mm - this measurement should be reduced to 400mm for woodgrain cladding. Cladding trims can also be fixed using either Cladding Nails or countersunk screws.

Fixing PVC Guttering

PVC Gutter fittings should always be fixed to the fascia board using two 5mm x 25mm (1" x 10 gauge in old terms) zinc plated or stainless steel screws. Screws can be either round head or countersunk.

Gutter Fixing Screw

Items you will need

  1. Plastic Headed Nails - 50mm Black - Box of 100
    1. Code TT50BK
    £13.36 £11.13 Save 20% £16.69 £13.91
  2. Plastic Headed Nails - 50mm Golden Oak - Box of 100
    1. Code TT50OAK1
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  3. Plastic Headed Nails - 50mm White - Box of 100
    1. Code TT50WE
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  4. Plastic Headed Nails - 65mm Black - Box of 100
    1. Code TT65BK
    £13.36 £11.13 Save 20% £16.69 £13.91
  5. Plastic Headed Pins - 40mm Black - Box of 250
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  6. Plastic Headed Pins - 40mm Brown - Box of 250
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  7. Plastic Headed Pins - 40mm Golden Oak - Box of 250
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  8. Plastic Headed Pins - 40mm White - Box of 250
    1. Code TT40WE
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