Cover Boards - 9mm

Cover Boards For Fascia

The Standard 9mm Cover Boards (fascia boards) stocked by PVC Cladding are the ideal solution when a watertight, maintenance-free finish is required over existing wooden roofline products or on existing window boards, as well as a cost-effective fascia system for new build projects when used with a timber backing board. Cover Boards are sometimes fitted by home buyers soon after their purchase to cover relatively new timber fascia systems purely to limit the amount of maintenance required in the future.

Our PVC Cover Boards are resistant to the range of different weather conditions experienced in the UK. This ensures that they act as a protective cover to the timber to which they are installed to reduce the risk of deterioration to which wood is prone. Initially, this may seem a more expensive option than treating the timber itself however over a short period of return it is quickly evident that the initial outlay on the plastic board is more than covered by the saving in both time and materials for the traditional protective maintenance cycle.