Fixings and Fasteners

At PVC Cladding, we stock a large range of the fixings and fasteners that are most commonly used in conjunction with our other product ranges, all in conveniently sized packs. 

Types Of Fixings And Fasteners

  • Coach bolts - bright zinc plated bolts with a round head and square underside.
  • Roofing bolts - bolts for securing roofing sheets.
  • Concrete screws - a new and improved alternative to traditional masonry fixings.
  • Self drilling screws - screws for fastening with a drill tip that negates the need for a pre-drilled hole.
  • Self tapping screws - screws for securing plastics and metal without drilling a pilot hole.
  • Coach screws - screws for fastening heavy timber, not to be confused with coach bolts.
  • Decking screws - screws for fastening timber decking to joists.
  • Drywall screws - screws for fastening plasterboard to timber or metal stud work.
  • Expanding anchors - shield anchors and through bolts for fixing items to concrete and masonry.
  • Cavity fixings - speed plugs and spring toggles for attaching items to hollow panels.
  • Nuts - full nuts, nyloc nuts and wingnuts for a large variety of applications.
  • Washers - flat washers, repair washers and square plate washers for various applications.

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