Acrylic Shower Wall Panels

Acrylic shower wall panels are designed with both function and aesthetics in mind. While they deliver a watertight, stain-resistant, and hygienic finish, they also offer any look of your chosen style. Whether you’re looking for clean and classic colour, on-trend patterns, traditional tile effects or even imagery for a stand-out finish, these acrylic panels for shower walls are the perfect choice for any bathroom.

Manufactured using 4mm acrylic sheets, our acrylic shower wall panels are printed on the back side, creating a smooth, glassy finish that is easy to clean. Installation of our decorative acrylic shower wall panels is also quick and easy – no grouting required!

Achieve Stunning Glass-Like Shower Walls with Our Acrylic Shower Panels

Our acrylic shower wall panels allow you to create a watertight, stylish glass-like finish for your shower surround. Made from durable 4mm acrylic sheets, these panels offer stunning high-definition imagery or colours with a smooth, polished surface.

Acrylic Shower Panel Types

Solid Acrylic Panels

Available in a wide range of colours, including bold brights, soft pastels, and clean neutrals. These single-tone panels offer a sleek, contemporary look.

Patterned & Tile Panels

Emulate the look of traditional tile or stand out with geometric patterns. Great for traditional bathrooms.

Prints & Images Panels

Make a bold statement by incorporating vibrant artwork, photography, or abstract designs.

Acrylic Shower Panel Features & Benefits

  • 100% Waterproof - Acrylic material provides a watertight barrier that prevents leaks or water damage behind walls.
  • Quick and Easy Installation - Lightweight panels install with liquid adhesive in a fraction of the time of tile. No messy grouting required.
  • Smooth Glass-Like Finish - Glossy acrylic surface is easy to clean and resists dirt, stains, mould, and mildew. Wipe clean with soft cloth.
  • Vibrant Colours and Prints - Rear-printing process allows for any high-resolution image or colour to shine through acrylic.
  • Space Saving - Thin 4mm profile maximizes usable bathroom space compared to thicker tile and grout.
  • Colour Match Caulking - We provide sealant that matches your chosen panel colour for a streamlined look.

Take your bathroom design to the next level with stunning, waterproof acrylic shower wall panels. Check out the full range or contact us today to get started!

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