External Cladding

Our external PVC Cladding is a popular, versatile and maintenance free option for covering external elevations. It comes in a variety of colours and cladding panels can be fixed horizontally, vertically, or even diagonally should the design require. External Cladding can be installed over walling made up of any number of different materials including traditional brickwork, block and timber frames. Our PVC Cladding is manufactured by FloPlast and Freefoam and is available in a range of colours and styles.


  • UPVC Shiplap and V Joint Cladding are differentiated by size and profile - our Shiplap Cladding is a wider 150mm (6") board as opposed to the V Joint Cladding which is 100mm wide (4").
  • Our Coloured Weatherboard Cladding has a New England style due to its profile and colour options and is even larger at 170mm (6.75").
  • When comparing Shiplap and V Joint Claddings, Shiplap tends to look a little more traditional in appearance due to the wider overlap between each board. This can be more clearly appreciated in the comparison image below.
  • Featuring a refined 'pine' embossed texture and a striking deep groove between each board, Shadow Gap Cladding effortlessly elevates both vertical and horizontal installations with a hint of sophistication. Its sturdy foam core and resilient textured surface not only enhance its allure but also guarantee exceptional durability and functionality, promising an instant upgrade for a multitude of projects.
  • Our Double Shiplap Cladding incorporates the classic charm of wood with the enhanced durability and minimal upkeep advantages of contemporary PVC-U materials, presenting a time-efficient solution.
  • Our Natura Wood Effect Cladding is created with innovative digital printing technology to produce a realistic wood effect. Durasid cladding offers strong, moisture-resistant boards and trims in various colours. Both options combine the classic appearance of wood with modern durability and convenience.
  • UPVC Tudor boards are designed to look like real wood beams, with foiled edges that add to the authenticity. Made of weatherproof UPVC, they retain their colour and strength without warping or rotting like wood. Our Tudor boards are designed to effortlessly blend traditional Tudor style with modern convenience.


PVC Cladding is effectively maintenance-free as its skin is weather resistant and thus moisture cannot penetrate into the core of the board. Unlike timber therefore, PVC Cladding does not deteriorate through rot and also does not require the application of protective coatings to maintain its appearance and climate resistance.

Our exterior cladding provides an additional external barrier - it will benefit the building’s insulation properties and reduce thermal loss. This has been recognised by the A+ rating under the Code for Sustainable Homes. As well as its insulating properties, our PVC Panels also have acoustic properties leading to a reduction in background noise.

Much like timber, PVC Cladding is easily cut and nailed using traditional tools, and despite its durability, these products are relatively lightweight so can be easily manoeuvred into position.

Is PVC Cladding Safe?

Our FloPlast shiplap & V-joint exterior cladding boards, and our Fortex weatherboards & double shiplap boards all carry a reaction to fire classification of D-s3, d2/(AHM). This means that the system is not classified as non-combustible. Therefore, they may be used on buildings with no storey 18m or more above the ground and 1m or more from a boundary. With minor exceptions, the system should be included in calculations of unprotected areas. Our Natura cladding is rated D -s3,d2 AVM/AHM, providing safety and peace of mind.

Although the spread of flame across the surface of PVC is limited, the material does tend to char and may fall away when exposed to fire. Due consideration should always be given to any combustible materials behind the cladding, which may become exposed in the event of a fire. Where necessary, cavity barriers should be incorporated behind the cladding, as required under the relevant national Building Regulations.

As market-leading products, our ranges of plastic wall cladding have gained BBA Certification as well as being British Standards Registered.

Please note: If your property is with 1m of a boundary, building regulation will stipulate that you have to use a class 1 fire classification product. This normally is not PVC or composite or timber but tends to be a cement-based product like Fibre cement board, render, brick etc. It would be down to the building control officer but the further away from the boundary the higher the percentage of non-classified products you can use – also fire backing board or fireproofing could be considered but the common solution is cement fibre board.

For a quick overview of how PVC Cladding works, please take a moment to watch the short video below.

PVC Cladding Options

There are various styles of PVC panels stocked by PVC Cladding and regardless of the style chosen these are complemented by a range of trims to suit all applications.

  • Our PVC Shiplap Cladding range is most popular when the area to be covered is fairly large. Whilst this is normally as an external wall covering its uses have also included the internal ceiling of a commercial swimming pool.
  • The V-Joint Cladding range is best suited when covering areas which are relatively small such as porches, the sides of dormer windows and gable ends.
  • Our coloured embossed weatherboard is the most decorative option of the styles that we stock, with a subtle textured New England style appearance. To preserve the look of the PVC Cladding after installation, the tongue and groove joint system allows for the fixing pins to be hidden behind the overlapping lip of the next cladding board.
  • Shadow Gap Cladding introduces an element of refinement to both vertical and horizontal installations. With its robust foam core and enduring embossed texture, it delivers unparalleled aesthetics and practicality, instantly revitalizing diverse projects with a touch of sophistication.
  • Double Shiplap Cladding has innovative double coverage in a single panel, making installation remarkably swift and effortless. Offering twice the coverage area compared to conventional shiplap, each panel substantially cuts down on time and labor needed for application.
  • Wood Effect Cladding combines the timeless elegance of wood with the unrivalled benefits of modern materials, as well as a selection of trims and fixings for simple installation. 
  • Tudor Boards are designed to replicate timber beams, with foiled edges enhancing their resemblance to authentic wood, offering an ideal solution for replacing deteriorating beams or adding architectural interest.

PVC Cladding Colour Finishes

Our PVC Cladding comes in several different colours to suit aesthetic or practical preferences

  • The most popular continues to be our White Cladding.
  • Our range of Woodgrain Cladding is gaining in popularity, the Rosewood Range adds a unique finishing touch to any application.
  • Our Anthracite Shiplap has become extremely popular over the past few years, this dark grey colour is very sought after by homeowners and offers a very sleek modern finish.
  • Our Black Ash Cladding range provides a look which is simple and classic. 
  • The woodgrain range is completed with our Golden Oak PVC Cladding, providing a contemporary finish to the building. These colour ranges replicate those found in our Replacement Fascia ranges so that the project can be colour-matched throughout if required.
  • Our Coloured Weatherboards are available in embossed White as well as Storm Grey, Slate Grey, Colonial Blue, Sage Green, Misty Grey, Pale Gold & Sand and Anthracite Grey
  • Our Double Shiplap Cladding offers a wide range of colour choices, from basic White to ever popular Anthracite Grey, Sand and new Colonial Blue, Sage Green and Misty Grey.
  • With Natura wood effect cladding, you can select from six stunning wood decor options: Malted Oak, Grey Cedar, Barnwood Oak, Siberian Larch, Greyed Oak, and Aged Padauk. Durasid wood effect cladding comes in a variety of colours, including Woodland Oak, Red Cedar, African Padauk, Siberian Larch, Barnwood Grey, Sheffield Oak, Grey Cedar, and Woodland Grey, allowing you to find the perfect match for your home.
  • Tudor boards come in a variety of woodgrain finishes, including light oak, mahogany, rosewood, black ash, and anthracite grey.

PVC Cladding Guarantees

Our PVC Cladding ranges come complete with a 10-year guarantee which covers both product performance and significant discolouration. To view Floplast's full Cladding performance guarantee document, click here. Our Freefoam cladding ranges come with an up-to 10-year guarantee depending on the colour; for more information on Freefoam's guarantee, click here

Sustainability of PVC Cladding

Our Shiplap and V Joint PVC external wall cladding systems have been assessed and given an A+ rating. This allows the specifier/housebuilder to claim the code for sustainable homes a maximum of three points when using PVC cladding on an external wall system. Also, as Natura wood effect cladding is made from 100% recyclable materials, it’s a sustainable option for environmentally conscious projects.

Fitting Instructions for PVC Cladding

Our ranges come in standard lengths of 5 metres and are relatively easy to install. There are detailed installation instructions and helpful videos for your building project available in our Guides and Tips Section.

If the installation is over walls which are not weather-tight themselves or which are in exposed locations it is recommended that a suitable backing membrane be used to ensure the water tightness of the application.   

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