Black Woodgrain Fascia Boards - 18mm

The black fascia boards, stocked by PVC Cladding, are all 18mm thick UPVC. This is not only a more robust option, but it also ensures a traditional, clean finish it's popular fascia colour in both the new build and replacement markets. Further enhancing the historic popularity of our black UPVC fascia board is its level of quality at a competitive price. The black fascia solution is usually installed alongside the range of black soffit boards and the comprehensive range of  PVC guttering systems which suit all applications.

To provide a unique Tudor style finish, PVC Cladding stock a range Black Ash Fascia Boards of Standard 18mm. Most popular when replacing existing dark timber fascia, this range is also growing in popularity due to a number of architecturally designed new build projects which seek to create a stunning modern look by adhering to a two tone black and white finish. This range can be completed with our range of black soffit and a choice of PVC Guttering from our wide selection available.

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  1. Replacement Fascia - 250mm x 18mm x 5mtr Black Ash Woodgrain
    1. Code M250WB
    2. Brand FloPlast
    3. Size 250mm
    £66.40 £79.68
  2. Replacement Fascia - 225mm x 18mm x 5mtr Black Ash Woodgrain
    1. Code M225WB
    2. Brand FloPlast
    3. Size 225mm
    £59.51 £71.41
  3. Cover Board Internal Corner - 300mm Black Ask Woodgrain
    1. Code RT7WB
    2. Brand FloPlast
    3. Size 300mm
    £9.30 £11.16
  4. Replacement Fascia End Cap - 315mm Black Ash Woodgrain
    1. Code WT15WB
    2. Brand FloPlast
    3. Size 315mm
    £4.76 £5.71
  5. Plastic Headed Nails - 65mm Black - Box of 100
    1. Code TT65BK
    2. Brand Seac
    3. Size 65mm
    £17.11 £20.53
  6. Industrial Superglue - 50g
    1. Code HV50
    2. Brand Everbuild
    £6.05 £7.26
  7. PVC-u Superglue Activator Spray - 200ml
    1. Code PVCACT
    2. Brand Everbuild
    £5.87 £7.04
  8. Silicon 700T Fast Neutral Cure - 300ml Black
    1. Code 700TBK
    2. Brand Everbuild
    £12.10 £14.52
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15 Items