Kitchen Wall Panels

Kitchen wall panels are a great choice to make any style of kitchen stand out. Our kitchen wall cladding is manufactured with durable and hygienic PVC. It is digitally printed, making a stylish and functional addition to your home. We also offer an extensive range of hygienic wall cladding for commercial kitchens.

This range of kitchen cladding is perfect for creating a flawless look for your kitchen walls. Its tongue and groove design results in a totally seamless finish to the wall. Our kitchen wall cladding is also completely waterproof, as the PVC material is non-porous and therefore impervious to moisture.

Kitchen wall panels provide superior hygiene compared to tiles. Additionally, there is less risk of mould growth because there are no grout lines, which makes cleaning the walls much easier.

Since the panels have a smooth surface, so there is no need for scrubbing. No special cleaning products are required and wiping is enough to clean them.

This helps to reduce overall cleaning and maintenance, meaning you'll spend less time in the kitchen. Stained tiles and grouting from food and drink spills will no longer be a concern with our wall cladding for kitchens.

Can Kitchen Panels Be Used as a Splashback?

As they are manufactured from high-quality PVC, these panels are fully waterproof and easy to clean. This means that they can indeed be used as a kitchen splashback. We even offer kitchen wall panels featuring printed tile designs, allowing you to create a splashback with a traditional tile appearance.

One thing to keep in mind when fitting kitchen panels however is their proximity to any hobs or ovens. If they are fitted behind areas of a high temperature, a heat-proof glass protector should also be fitted. This will prevent the panel's shape from warping or distorting.

Are Kitchen Wall Panels Easy To Fit?

Our kitchen cladding is very easy to install and can even be fitted over existing tiles. We offer a full range of trims for joining and securing panels with ease. Cladding for kitchens is easy to cut, which can be done using a standard hacksaw or jigsaw. For more information on this topic, check out our full guide on how to fit internal cladding.

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Internal Wall Panel - 250mm x 5000mm x 8mm White - Pack of 5

Internal Wall Panel - 250mm x 5000mm x 8mm White - Pack of 5


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