Shiplap Cladding Two Part Top Edge Trim - 5mtr White

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When fixing your cladding beneath a soffit or window ledge you'll need a two part top edge trim.

As the last board is usually a tight fit and often difficult to get it the Two Part Trim makes the fitting process easier. The back part of the trim is fixed to the batten first, then the cladding board is slotted into place. Once in the correct position, the front part of the Two Part Trim is then clipped into place.

Designed to make the installation both simple and neat the two part top edge trim is 5 metres in length and can be used in conjunction with either 150mm Shiplap or 100mm V Joint Cladding.

The two-part top edge trim is available in White, Anthracite Grey, Black Ash, Golden Oak or Rosewood.

*Please note that if you have to cut the last board to size, you will need to use a packing piece behind it - this is standard practice with all PVC Cladding systems. You can usually use an offcut from the board that you have cut down to serve this purpose.