Industrial Gutter

PVC Cladding 170mm Xtraflo Industrial Guttering system is ideal for commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings. It is generally suitable for any building with a large roof area. The flow capacity of the system is much greater than most 150mm systems on the market. In addition to the Xtraflo system, we also stock a 170mm (150mm Internal) Galvanised Steel system.


  • The vortex outlet design encourages the 'swirling effect' of the water for greater water flow down the pipe
  • Fittings come complete with wide rubber seals which allows for optimum performance in all conditions
  • Innovative and clean modern appearance
  • Semi-Elliptical profile
  • High flow capacity - 11.8 litres/second, outlet in centre, 1.350 fall (much greater than most 150mm systems)
  • Connects to 110mm pipe and fittings
  • System is covered by a BSI Kitemark - no. KM501316
  • Silicone lubricant must be used on all installations (SL400)


Most commercial gutter systems are 150mm (6”). Floplast’s XtraFlo system is larger – 170mm across the top by 108mm deep – giving it an astonishingly high capacity and flow rate.
High Capacity
Our Industrial gutters flow capacity varies between 4.3 litres per second (fixed level with the outlet at one end) and a huge 11.8 litres per second (fixed at 1:350 with a central outlet). We appreciate that these stats can be baffling to all but scientists and architects, but what this essentially means is that the Industrial Gutter can hold approximately five times as much water as our standard half round guttering system and over twice as much as our standard Deep Flow Gutters - and as such it can cope with the heaviest flow of rainfall from any type of domestic, commercial and industrial roofs, or office and apartment blocks.
Barn Gutters
XtraFlo Industrial Gutters are ideal for use on barn roofs – the deep oval profile and 170mm width is perfect for catching the large quantities of water collected by these types of structures. We speak to many farmers (and developers working on barn conversions) who are in the process of replacing old asbestos or metal gutters than are just not fit for purpose on buildings with roofs of this size. The “fit and forget” nature of PVC (all that is required is a wash down with soapy water once or twice a year) combined with the superior dimensions of our industrial guttering makes it the ideal gutter system to be fitted to barn roofs.  
Fascia Brackets
Due to the heavy weight of water that a fully laden XtraFlo Gutter can carry, fascia brackets should be spaced at 600mm intervals. This means that you should allow approximately 7 brackets for every length of gutter that you purchase. Any stop ends should also be supported by a fascia bracket within 150mm of the fitting.
This Industrial Guttering system uses 110mm downpipes, which are compatible with all BS Approved Drainage Systems. Offsets (swan-necks) are achieved by the use of SP440 and SP435 top and bottom bends. The downpipes should be secured with clips at intervals of no more than 1.8m.


Alternatively please visit our Industrial Gutters Guides & Tips section for videos, technical documentation and PDF guides.
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