Laminate Shower Panels

Laminate shower wall panels from Shower Wall provide a sleek, waterproof covering for your shower surround. The completely grout-free laminate surface eliminates gaps, cracks, and crevices where mould, mildew, and bacteria can accumulate. Unlike shower tile, our laminate panels are incredibly easy to keep clean – just wipe them down!

These cost-effective laminate shower wall panels are quick and easy for DIY installation in just a few hours. No demolition of existing walls or tedious grouting required. The lightweight panels can be applied directly over your existing tile or walling using just adhesive. This makes your shower renovation fast and hassle-free!

Laminate shower wall panels are available in a wide variety of realistic finishes to suit your style. Choose from:

  • Marble – Carrara, Calacatta and other white & gray marble looks with realistic veining and swirls.
  • Mineral – a range of delicate shimmers and neutral stone hues.
  • Quarry – with rustic appearance in warm hues, these panels give the look of natural stone with none of the upkeep.

Transform your shower with waterproof, easy-clean laminate wall panels. Take a look at our full collection today at PVC Cladding!

Create Stunning Statement Walls with Laminate Shower Panels

Laminate wall panels from Shower Wall allow you to easily create beautiful, characterful statement walls that become the focal point of any room. Inspired by natural stone, our laminate options offer realistic finishes to match your décor.

With laminate shower wall panels, you get all the visual appeal of high-end finishes without the cost or hassle.

Features & benefits of Laminate Shower Panels

Laminate wall panels are:

  • Cost-Effective - Get the luxe look for less compared to natural stone. Laminate panels are an affordable solution, providing a high-quality wall covering for a fraction of the price.
  • Fast & Easy to Install - Panels can be installed directly over existing surfaces, without demolition or construction. No special skills or tools are required to install laminate wall panels.
  • Seamless - Panels join together for smooth, continuous designs without grout lines.
  • Hygienic & Easy to Clean - The laminate surface wipes clean and resists moisture, mildew and bacteria.
  • 100% Waterproof - Laminate panels create a waterproof barrier on your walls for bathroom, kitchen and other wet areas.
  • Long-Lasting - Our laminate wall systems are backed by a 30-year guarantee. The durable laminate surface resists scratches, stains and damage.

Laminate Shower Panel Types

Choose from our collection of on-trend laminate styles:


Make a statement with the elegance of marble. Our marble-inspired laminates showcase exquisite detailing from bold veining to subtle swirls. Choose striking greys, elegant creams, or boldly blended colours for high-end style.


Embrace natural warmth with our range of quarry-inspired laminates. Handcrafted textures in earthy neutral and stone hues bring organic style to your space. Perfect for cosy, modern, or farmhouse designs.


Shimmer and shine with the mineral-inspired laminates in our collection. From quartz-like sparkle to muted stone looks, these versatile panels add glam and luxury. Our Mineral Collection is ideal for pairing with metallics, blacks, and jewel tones.

Bring dimension and luxury to your home with laminate statement walls from Shower Wall. Browse our collections today!

Laminate Shower Panels - Frequently Asked Questions

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