Soffit Boards

Soffit boards are the boards that run horizontally from the back edge of the bottom of the fascia board to the top of the wall, closing off the roof space at the eaves.

Soffit Boards Features and Benefits

We sell FloPlast and Freefoam UPVC soffits which means that our products are supplied with the high quality and product reliability to be expected from an award-winning manufacturer. In addition, our UPVC Soffit conforms to a number of British Standards and comes complete with industry-leading guarantees. 

The UPVC soffit boards stocked by PVC Cladding offer a blemish-free, maintenance-free solution as they are impermeable to weather and hence will not deteriorate or rot.

  • Wide range of styles and colours - Offered in 3 different styles and up to 7 attractive colours and finishes, we offer soffit boards to suit any property!
  • Versatile - As with timber, UPVC soffit boards can be drilled, screwed, pinned, and cut using suitable tools.
  • Easy to install - Our UPVC soffit boards are super easy to install – see our installation guide for more details!
  • Fire rated - Our range of soffit boards will not contribute to the spread of flame in the event of a fire, but may char or fall away.

Soffit Boards Technical Specification

The UPVC Soffit Boards stocked by PVC Cladding carry a product performance and discolouration guarantee of 10 years.

Our FloPlast soffit boards carry a Class 2Y surface spread of flame rating in accordance to BS 476-7: 1997, while our hollow soffit boards have achieved a Class 1Y rating. This means that although the spread-of-flame across the surface of PVC is limited, the material does tend to char and may fall away when exposed to fire.

Soffit Boards Further Information

Our soffits are manufactured from PVC and can be used in new builds and refurbishments in order to add an eye-catching finish to your property. There are three main style variations of soffit:

Furthermore, each style soffit comes in varying lengths and seven main colours; white, black ash, golden oak, rosewood, anthracite grey, storm grey & dark grey (except vented soffits.)

Soffit Boards FAQs

What is a soffit board?

Soffit boards are long horizontal boards that fit under the roofline, perpendicular to the wall. Along with fascia boards or cover boards, soffit boards give the roofline a completely weatherproof seal.

Is UPVC suitable for soffit boards?

Because of its high durability and easy to maintain nature, UPVC is a great choice of material for soffit boards.

Which do I install first – fascia or soffit?

You should first install fascia or capping boards and then soffit after that, and finally gutters!

Is soffit waterproof?

UPVC soffit boards are completely waterproof, meaning that no moisture can penetrate the core of the boards – this prevents the boards from rotting, splitting, or warping over time.

Soffit Boards Installation

Plain & vented soffit boards should be fixed using 40mm Polytop pins at intervals of no more than 600mm for white & 400mm for woodgrain boards. Fix hollow soffit boards with stainless steel cladding pins, which are hidden by the tongue & groove effect.

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