Weatherboard Cladding - Colonial Blue

Our external PVC Cladding is a popular, versatile and maintenance free option for covering external elevations. It comes in a variety of colours and cladding panels can be fixed horizontally, vertically, or even diagonally should the design require. External Cladding can be installed over walling made up of any number of different materials including traditional brickwork, block and timber frames. Our PVC Cladding is manufactured by FloPlast and Freefoam.

Colonial Blue is a very popular option in our Weatherboard Cladding portfolio, giving a cool, New England style appearance that is both timeless and sophisticated.

For more details, including a downloadable brochure that includes specifications and installation details, please click below to read on.

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  1. Weatherboard Cladding - 170mm x 5mtr Colonial Blue
    1. Code FCF170ECLB
    2. Brand Freefoam
    3. Size 170mm
    £33.99 £40.79
  2. Weatherboard Cladding Vented Top Edge Closer Trim - 25mm Colonial Blue
    1. Code FC311E3CLB
    2. Brand Freefoam
    3. Size 25mm
    £24.51 £29.41
  3. Weatherboard Cladding Reveal Liner Trim - 3mtr Colonial Blue
    1. Code FC319E3CLB
    2. Brand Freefoam
    £23.75 £28.50
  4. Weatherboard Cladding Butt Joint - Colonial Blue
    1. Code FCF209ECLB
    2. Brand Freefoam
    £2.83 £3.40
  5. Breather Membrane Vent 3 Classic - 1mtr x 50mtr x 115gsm
    1. Code TV3C50
    2. Brand Cromar
    3. Size 1000mm
    £41.96 £50.35
  6. Breather Membrane Vent 3 Classic - 1mtr x 25mtr x 115gsm - OUT OF STOCK

    OUT OF STOCK - Item will be despatched when stock is received

    1. Code TV3C25
    2. Brand Cromar
    3. Size 1000mm
    £33.13 £39.76
  7. Cladding Pins - 30mm - Box of 250
    1. Code TTCLADPIN
    2. Brand Seac
    3. Size 30mm
    £6.33 £7.60
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13 Items