Impermeable Membranes For Attenuation

A common use of soakaways is for attenuation where rainwater is held in a tank built from soakaway crates before it is discharged at a controlled rate. The slow rate of discharge enables local authorities to avoid downstream flooding and the erosion of waterways due to heavy flows. 

Impermeable Membranes

Unlike the permeable options, impermeable geotextile membranes do not allow any water to pass through them. They are used to retain water within an area or a structure, or to prevent water ingress into a specific area or structure.

We offer both individual components so that you can wrap the tanks yourself or pre-made shoeboxes as a complete solution for your attenuation needs. 

The 'shoebox' designed tanks come in two fabricated pieces. The first piece is laid out in your excavation which fills the base and sides. The second piece is for the top with a small overlap down the sides.

These shoeboxes come with a non-woven protector geotextile (protection fleece) which must be wrapped around the whole system before backfill. This fleece will stop any sharp objects within the backfill from puncturing the liner and therefore deeming it unusable.

The individual membranes include LLDPE and Polypropylene in varying roll sizes.

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