Hygiene Cladding - Food Grade PVC

Our Food Grade PVC Hygienic Wall Cladding is the perfect solution for commercial kitchens that require high levels of hygiene care. Not only are they weather and impact resistant, these easily maintained hygiene cladding panels are also supplied with a Class 1 Fire Rating, meaning that they are self-extinguishing.

This PVC Hygienic Wall Cladding also has exceptionally high chemical resistance, making it a great choice for corrosive environments, such as laboratories or anywhere that chemical processes will take place.

We offer two different Food Grade Hygienic Wall Cladding options: Am-Clad Hygienic Panels & Storm Hygienic Wall Panels. To learn more about our Food Grade PVC Hygienic Wall Cladding, click the ‘read more’ button, or scroll down to shop now!

What is Hygienic Wall Cladding?

Hygienic Wall Cladding is a type of wall covering for areas that require extra care to be taken about hygiene. Often manufactured using UPVC or similar materials,

It’s most commonly used in the pharmaceutical, food & drink, leisure, educational, and government sectors.

What are the benefits of Hygienic Wall Cladding?

  • Quick & easy to install – not only is hygienic cladding lightweight, it also doesn’t require grouting like traditional tiles, making it super easy to install
  • Versatile – our systems are compatible with standard trims and details, and can also be welded and thermoformed
  • Environmentally friendly – our hygienic cladding is manufactured using high-quality UPVC, so once you’re finished with it, it can be fully recycled!
  • Easy to clean – hygiene cladding does not feature cracks or gaps like traditional tiling might, so it requires very little maintenance. To clean it, just hot soapy water will do, and mild cleaning products for stubborn areas – there’s no need for abrasive cleaners!
  • Cost-effective – hygiene cladding is generally less expensive than the alternative ceramic tile systems

How does Hygienic Wall Cladding prevent food poisoning?

A poorly maintained kitchen environment will undoubtedly lead to food poisoning. In a kitchen, any surface that it not designed to reduce the spread and incidence of harmful bacteria poses a threat to any food that comes into contact with these surfaces. This can cause contamination, and lead to food poisoning.

This of course includes walls, and this is where hygienic wall cladding comes in. Tiles that are usually used in the kitchen feature multiple jointed edges, where bacteria can become trapped. They also feature grouting, which is porous and can harbour harmful bacteria. In comparison to this, hygienic wall cladding features far fewer jointed edges and absolutely no grouting, so it's more sanitary for kitchen environments.

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