Water Butts

At Drainage Sales we sell a stylish range of Water Butts suited to all sizes of garden, these can be used to collect rainwater from all roof areas including greenhouses, sheds, garages and the main roof itself. 

Conserving rainwater not only provides environmental benefits and saves money, it also ensures a store of water to use on your plants and vegetables during the drier Summer months.

At Drainage Sales we stock the standard range of 200 litre Water Butt as well as a slimline 100 Litre version where space is at a premium.

Both are available with separate stands, and the butts themselves come complete with lids and taps.

Rain Diverters, which connect to both circular and square rainwater pipe, are also available as part of this range.

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  1. Water Butt - Standard 200L
    1. Code WB200
    £42.06 £35.05
  2. Water Butt - Slim 100L
    1. Code WB100
    £36.46 £30.38
  3. Rain Diverter - White
    1. Code RVS1W
    £14.29 £11.91
  4. Rain Diverter - Brown
    1. Code RVS1BR
    £14.29 £11.91
  5. Rain Diverter - Black
    1. Code RVS1B
    £14.29 £11.91
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7 Items