How Do I Measure My Fascias And Cover Boards?

All Cover Boards and Replacement Fascia Boards differ in design from manufacturer to manufacturer. In the video below we explain exactly how we measure our Floplast Boards, ensuring that you order the correct board size for youIn this video we use close up shots to explain the exact dimensions of our PVC Cover Boards and Fascia Boards.

Our Fascia boards are for fixing onto the ends of the roof rafter without the need for any backing board and are a direct replacement for timber fascia boards. They are used to support the gutter system.

Cover boards are not as thick and strong as fascia boards so they are used over the top of a timber backing board as additional support.

Made by Floplast, all of our fascia boards are measured externally. Cover boards are made to cover existing timber so please take that into account during measurement. r particular installation.

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