Washers are small, round fasteners that are used mainly in conjunction with screws to prevent them from loosening over time, for distributing the load of a nut or bolt head over a larger area, or they can be used as a spacer when a bolt is too long for a given application and part of the thread below the head still needs to be covered.

Our range of washers consists of flat washers, repair washers and square plate washers.

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Flat Washers

Our flat washers are Form A, feature a bright zinc plated finish and are available in a variety of sizes ranging from M6 to M16.

Repair Washers

Repair washers are similar to the standard variety of flat washers but differ by having a much larger outside diameter. They get their name from the fact that they are most often used on damaged or weak surfaces, this is because their larger surface area spreads the load of the fixing being used over a greater area than a standard flat washer. They are also often referred to as mudguard washers or penny washers.

Our range is made up of M6, M8 and M12 bright zinc plated repair washers that are available in a variety of pack sizes.

Square Plate Washers

Square plate washers are used as an alternative option to traditional round washers in situations where a larger clamping surface is required. We stock 10mm and 12mm square washers in a bright zinc plated finish.

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