Soakaways - Large Volumes Standard 24 - 40 Tonne

All of our commercial soakaway sets are designed using our Rainsmart soakaway crates and cells. Predominantly these systems have been designed for attenuation - where water is stored within the soakaway system and then using flow controls it is slowly released back into the sewer system or watercourse. By holding this water at source it prevents issues downstream where too much water flow could cause flooding.

Commercial Soakaways Attenuation

Developing Sustainable Drainage (SuDs)

More and more legislation has led to local planning authorities and specifiers putting further steps in place to implement sustainable drainage systems (SuDs) in the need to prevent flooding and related issues. Additionally, there has become more emphasis on houses being responsible for their own water run off and not passing the issue downstream.

This has all led to better techniques that are now being used to alleviate these problems and one of them is decreasing the flow rates to the watercourses.

In basic terms attenuation means to temporarily storing stormwater for and then releasing it back into the waterway, but at a controlled rate. The stormwater is collected and routed in the same way as a normal drainage system, but uses flow controls (discharge control points) to release a set volume of water into the waterway. During a heavy rainfall, the rest of this excess water, is fed into the soakaway crate system where it is held until it is ready to be fed back into the main system through the flow control when ready. 

Allowing a Safe Downstream Discharge

When the levels of flow water are at their highest, the controlled discharge device holds back the water and releases it at a carefully controlled rate. There are several devices on the market used for this function.

To find out more about how soakaways can be used for attenuation, check out our soakway crates for attenuation article

Commercial Soakaways for Infiltration & Recycling

Large tanks can still be used for infiltration and recycling. Whilst modern soakaway crates are most commonly used for infiltration, where rainwater feeds into the soakaway structure and slowly filters back into the surrounding soil, they can also be used for rainwater recycling. This is a simple, environmentally friendly way to reduce water use whilst at the same time saving costs.

Soakaway Sizes & Designs

Our soakaway sets come flat-packed to save on delivery as well as save space on site. The crates are really easy to assemble without the needed for heavy machinery and come in the following sizes:

  • 5 Cubic Metre
  • 10 Cubic Metre
  • 20 Cubic Metre
  • 50 Cubic Metre

You can opt for a shallow, double or triple soakaway so the depth of your soakaway can be suited to meet your need. 

We also have Nero Cell and Nero Pave in 12, 24 & 50 square metres which can be used as permeable surfaces to assist with reducing stormwater run off. 

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  1. Rainsmart Ellipse Soakaway Crate Flat-Packed
    1. Code 90004F
    2. Brand Rainsmart
    £57.59 £69.11
  2. Rainsmart Ellipse Soakaway Crate Assembled
    1. Code 90004
    2. Brand Rainsmart
    £61.47 £73.76
  3. Rainsmart Ellipse Soakaway Set Flat-Packed 1 Cubic Metre
    1. Code 90004M3F
    2. Brand Rainsmart
    £219.94 £263.93
  4. Rainsmart Ellipse Soakaway Set Assembled 1 Cubic Metre
    1. Code 90004M3
    2. Brand Rainsmart
    £245.81 £294.97
  5. Rainsmart Ellipse Shallow Soakaway Set Assembled 1 Cubic Metre
    1. Code 90003M3
    2. Brand Rainsmart
    £265.23 £318.28
  6. Rainsmart Soakaway Set Shallow for Heavier Soils Flat-Packed 1 Cubic Metre
    1. Code 80001M3FSHALLOW
    2. Brand Rainsmart
    £403.81 £484.57
  7. Rainsmart Ellipse Inspection Channel Crate Flat-Packed - Double
    1. Code 90004FINSP
    2. Brand Rainsmart
    £57.59 £69.11
  8. Rainsmart Ellipse Inspection Channel Crate Assembled - Double
    1. Code 90004INSP
    2. Brand Rainsmart
    £61.47 £73.76
  9. Rainsmart Ellipse Inspection Channel Crate Flat-Packed - Shallow
    1. Code 90003FINSP
    2. Brand Rainsmart
    £29.41 £35.29
  10. Rainsmart Ellipse Inspection Channel Crate Assembled - Shallow
    1. Code 90003INSP
    2. Brand Rainsmart
    £34.11 £40.93
  11. Rainsmart Ellipse Inspection Channel Crate Flat-Packed - Triple
    1. Code 90005FINSP
    2. Brand Rainsmart
    £81.16 £97.39
  12. Rainsmart Ellipse Shallow 5 Cubic Metre Soakaway
    1. Code 90003M3F5
    2. Brand Rainsmart
    £1,099.55 £1,319.46
  13. Rainsmart Ellipse Shallow 10 Cubic Metre Soakaway
    1. Code 90003M3F10
    2. Brand Rainsmart
    £1,912.04 £2,294.45
  14. Rainsmart Ellipse Shallow 20 Cubic Metre Soakaway
    1. Code 90003M3F20
    2. Brand Rainsmart
    £3,529.89 £4,235.87
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Items 1-18 of 48