Solid Polycarbonate Sheets - FAQs

Take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions for Solid Polycarbonate Sheets (Flat Sheets) around choice, installation & maintenance.

Is Solid Polycarbonate available in larger sizes?

Yes. Solid polycarbonate is available in sizes such as 6100mm x 2050 sheets.

What product should I use for roof glazing?

We recommend you use Solid Polycarbonate as this is an unbreakable material.

How do I clean Flat Sheeting (Solid Polycarbonate)?

We recommend using warm water with a mild household detergent. This should be sufficient to clean the sheets. Wipe off any remaining dirt with a soft cloth and wash again. NEVER use a solvent based cleaner. AVOID using sponges or brushes that can scratch the surface of the sheets.

What the difference between solid polycarbonate and acrylic?


  • Acrylic can be easily fabricated and flame polished
  • More scratch resistant than solid polycarbonate
  • 4-8 times stronger than glass
  • Less impact resistant than solid polycarbonate


  • Unbreakable material - 200X stronger than glass and more resistant than acrylic
  • Excellent properties for use in overhead glazing, canopies and shelters, etc.

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