Internal Cladding

PVC Cladding sell a wide range of Interior Cladding products for kitchens, bathrooms, and shower rooms as well as offices and commercial applications. Our ranges include PVC Panels for use as wall and ceiling coverings, full sized shower panels and a wide range of finishing trims. We also stock a range of Hygiene Cladding for commercial and industrial applications.


The Decorative PVC Panels stocked by PVC Cladding are available in a wide variety of designs and provide an attractive low maintenance look throughout the property.

As these cladding products overlap using a tongue and groove effect there is no need to use grout as there would be in a traditional tiling installation and the antibacterial nature of the plastic panels means that they will not allow the formation of moulds when used in bathrooms or shower rooms.

Our PVC wall panels are durable and hard wearing, and are easily cleaned down to provide a bacteria free hygienic surface.

And best of all our Interior Panels are simple to install and in direct comparison to the alternative of ceramic or glass tiles the preparation time and cost and time of installation is invariably reduced leading to significant financial benefits overall. Our PVC Panels can even be fixed directly over old ceramic tiles providing they are still fixed securely which can reduce the preparation time still further.

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