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Our PVC ceiling cladding is easy to install with a tongue and groove mechanism. It comes in a range of designs, such as sparkle, marble, and timber. You can create the perfect interior look for your home with our ceiling cladding. The designs of our ceiling panels also align with our kitchen, bathroom and shower wall panels to create a consistent appearance.

There are many reasons to choose our PVC ceiling panels over traditional ceiling coverings such as wallpapering, plastering or painting. Perhaps the biggest advantage of these ceiling panels is that they are completely waterproof. This means that they can be installed in both regular rooms as well as bathrooms and they are resistant to mould.

Our ceiling panels are suitable for use as both bathroom ceiling cladding and kitchen ceiling cladding. The durable PVC material is completely resistant to moisture. This means that it will not be affected by steam or condensation from hot showers or cooking!


There are multiple factors that make our cladding for ceilings easier to work with than other ceiling coverings. Firstly, our panels are easy to cut down to size with a standard saw and will not create residue. They are also easy to join together with their tongue and groove design and our complementary range of trims.

PVC ceiling panels are incredibly lightweight, making them easy to handle and transport if necessary. When required, cladding for ceilings can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth or other household cleaners.

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  1. Internal Cladding Panel - 250mm x 2600mm x 8mm Natural Stone Light Grey - Pack of 4 - For Bathrooms/ Kitchens/ Ceilings

    LIMITED STOCK - Please contact us for availability and alternatives

    1. Code ICNSLG250
    2. Brand PBSL Group
    3. Colour Natural Stone Light Grey
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