Bullnosed Fascia - 16 and 22mm

The white fascia boards, stocked by PVC Cladding, are all 18mm thick UPVC. This is not only a more robust option, but it also ensures a traditional, clean finish and continues to be the UK's most popular fascia colour in both the new build and replacement markets. Further enhancing the historic popularity of our white UPVC fascia board is its level of quality at a competitive price. The white fascia solution is usually installed alongside the range of white soffit boards and the comprehensive range of  PVC guttering systems which suit all applications.

The Bull Nose Fascia system stocked by PVC Cladding is a robust, solid board which is resistant to climatic extremes due to its waterproof outer skin. It is an ideal product as it can be installed straight onto the rafters without the need for any other form of rigid backing, meaning it can be used equally well in the building of new properties as well as in applications involving the replacement of existing fascia boards.


Our range of Bullnosed fascia is an attractive alternative to the Standard 18mm PVC Fascia range as the nose of the board is slightly curved rather than the normal squared-off finish, this gives it a softer and perhaps more modern look.

Bullnosed fascia also provides another unique advantage in that it can be installed direct to walls or open eaves systems as the back of the Board is flush with no return leg. There is a moulded concave section just above the lip which is designed to support the soffit board if used.

The robust nature of this style of fascia system comes from its thickness, which means it has the strength to act as a gutter board carrying the weight of the entire gutter system without resorting to additional supporting clamps.

Due to its sealed outer skin our Bullnosed plastic fascia boards are both resistant to the worst of the UK weather and also to the nesting habits of insects, this ensures that these boards are not prone to rotting or other deterioration as is the case with the timber alternatives.


The Bullnosed UPVC Fascia stocked by PVC Cladding is available in standard White, and comes in either a 16mm thickness or a 22mm thickness.

Our Fascia Boards are available in widths from 150mm up to 250mm and come in standard lengths of 5 metres.


The Bullnosed Fascias stocked by PVC Cladding carry a 20 year product guarantee for both performance and significant discolouration.

Is PVC Bullnosed Fascia Safe?

Our Kestrel bullnosed 22mm boards carry a Class 1 surface spread of flame rating in accordance to BS 476-7: 1987, while our 16mm boards carry a Class 1 surface spread of flame rating in accordance to BS 476-7: 1997. This means that although the spread-of-flame across the surface of PVC is limited, the material does tend to char and may fall away when exposed to fire.

However, it is unlikely that the roof trim system will significantly affect the overall fire performance on any roof on which it is installed. Where it is normal practice to carry the eaves box over, between dwellings, it is important that the box is firestopped at compartment walls with a proprietary fire stop material.


Our range of Bullnosed Fascia Boards should be fixed to the rafter feet using 2 x 65mm Polytop nails in line vertically, and horizontally spaced no more than 600mm apart to ensure a secure installation.

If being installed direct to the wall suitable screws and expansion plugs should be used in the same configuration as the nails. 

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