Ring Seal Soil System

Ring Seal (Push Fit) Soil Pipe is the most common above ground drainage system in domestic applications, combining ease of installation with a tried and tested seal and a modern design. Ring seal joints are the easiest to make - if you have never done it before please take a minute to watch our quick video tutorial.

The system is fully compatible with our underground drainage system. It is available in White, Grey and Black. Please click on one of the colours below for the product listing and a more detailed description of the features and benefits of the system. Connecting to old cast iron or cement soil ipes? Click here to watch a short tutorial.

Ring Seal refers to the method by which pipes and fittings are connected. The “ring” is actually a captive rubber seal which is contained within a groove inside the neck of the fitting. As the lubricated pipe is introduced into the fitting the ring is compressed against the pipe, forming an airtight and watertight seal. The lubricant and the rubber working together allow for a degree of flexibility which protect the soil stack against system movement from both mechanical forces and expansion and contraction. 


PVC Soil & Waste Pipes are relatively simple to install provided you tackle the installation in a sequential manner. Please click here to download our detailed guide to installing a new Soil Stack. 


This system is made from PVC. It can withstand liquid temperatures of 76°C with a constant flow, and up to 100°C (the boiling point of water, provided that this flow is for a period of no longer than two minutes. This makes the ring seal system perfect for all domestic and most commercial installations – however if the soil system is likely to be subjected to discharge of acids, chemicals and continuous high temperatures we suggest you consider our solvent soil system

This 110mm Ring Seal Soil Pipe System is manufactured in PVC-U to BS EN 1401-1: 1998 / BS4660: 2000.

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