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Our Ducting options include standard flexible coiled duct for use in the installation of various buried services, BT Duct for telecoms, smooth bore electrical Polyduct, Twinwall Ducting and Rigid PVC Duct. Drawcords and accessories can also be found in this section.

Whenever pipes or cables are buried in the ground they should be laid in a duct. Coils contain a draw cord to enable pipes or cables to be pulled through the ducting after it has been installed. Loose couplers are available should there be a need to join coils together, although each coil is fitted with its own integral coupling. PVC Rigid duct (lengths as opposed to coils) come with a moulded socket on one end for joining lengths together. Twinwall ducting is plain ended, although loose joiners are available for creating longer runs.


PVC Ducting has two uses; it protects cables and pipes in the ground from damage due to earth settlement, and it alerts future contractors and property owners to the presence of the cable or pipe in the ground.


As there is a wide choice of plastic ducting methods, Rigid Duct is generally used when the distance is smaller, or in the case of our rigid twinwall ducts when extra strength is required. Short runs of cable or pipe are usually made using rigid PVC BT Duct, where as longer runs are usually run in the flexible coils as these are quicker to lay in-situ (most commonly blue for water supplies and black for electrics).


This really depends on the material that is being installed in the duct. At Drainage Sales our most popular seller is the 63mm black flexi coil, generally used for ducting small amounts of cable for extensions and garden work. Water main installations are usually run inside the 110mm blue coil, and commercial electrical installations and solar cabling us usually run in 110mm black flexible duct.


The most common colour is black, which denotes that the duct is general purpose electrical. The colour codes are universal throughout the UK. At PVC Cladding we sell Ducting Systems for the following uses.

  • General Purpose Electric cabling (Black)
  • Water supply (Blue)
  • Gas (Yellow) 
  • Traffic signals (Orange)
  • Telecoms (Grey)

We are also able to supply bt ducting systems for cable TV, High Voltage Electrics and Street Lighting. Please contact us if you require further details on these products.

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