Duct Access Chambers

Duct Access Chambers are generally used where access to a ducted service such as Electrical or Telecoms Cabling is required. The chambers are available in 300mm square or 450mm square options and are puchased in 150mm layers which are stacked to form the chamber.

Normal Square PVC Access covers can be used, although the Composite Covers below should be used for Street Lighting or Traffic Signal Applications.

If you are working with Telecoms duct we suggest you use our Quadbox Duct Access Chambers, which are approved by both British Telecom and Virgin Media.

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  1. Duct Access Chamber - 300mm x 300mm x 320mm
    1. Code DC300X300
    £13.46 £16.15 £14.96 £17.95 Save 10%
  2. Duct Access Chamber - 450mm x 450mm x 320mm
    1. Code DC450X450
    £18.54 £22.25 £20.60 £24.72 Save 10%
  3. Composite Cover For Duct Access Chamber - 300mm
    1. Code CC300X300
    £95.38 £114.46 £105.98 £127.18 Save 10%
  4. Composite Cover For Duct Access Chamber - 450mm
    1. Code CC450X450
    £125.23 £150.28 £139.14 £166.97 Save 10%
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4 Items