Features and Benefits of Polycarbonate Sheets

Polycarbonate sheets are lightweight yet strong, allowing for easy installation and a long service life. 

Impact resistance is very high, this material is highly unlikely to be damages by falling debris. The thicker the sheet the stronger it is due to the additional structural walls within each sheet. Polycarbonate also offers superior insulation qualities, keeping heat inside the building and saving precious energy. 

Sheets are co-extruded to include a UV Protection layer - polycarbonate is a very safe and environmentally friendly material. Optical Clarity is also high (it varies between colour finishes with clear being the highest and Solarguard the lowest).


Polycarbonate Sheet Colour Options

Most of our sheet thicknesses are available in five different colour options - Clear, Bronze, Opal, Bronze Opal and Solarguard, which has excellent heat retention properties. The table below shows the availability of each colour by sheet thickness. For more information, please visit our Guides and Tips section where you can watch a video demonstrating the various colour options available.


Installation of Polycarbonate Sheets

Because of its light weight, polycarbonate is an easy material to work with - it can easily be cut and drilled. Sheets can be installed using either our Rafter Supported system, where glazing bars are fixed to traditional timber bearers, or using the self-support system where no supporting timbers are required. 


Cut to Size Option

If you would like your sheets cut to an exact size, simply select the next largest sheet and add the exact sizes when you input your notes in the delivery section when placing your order. Alternatively you can telephone us or email us with your exact sizes.

Please choose from the sheet options below.