Features and Benefits of Solid Polycarbonate Sheets

In most ways Solid Polycarbonate is very similar to Acrylic Sheet which is also strong, clear and lightweight but polycarbonate has one outstanding feature - it is virtually unbreakable. It will resist even the most prolonged attempts at vandalism with ease, hence its popularity with Local Authorities and Public Transport companies. It is also very easy to work with, it can be bent, cut and machined as required.

Common Uses for Solid Polycarbonate

These sheets are most often used for glazing for shelters and canopies in public areas, and for stairwell and balcony glazing. Security Glazing and low level glazing in public areas also commonly use solid polycarbonate. In industrial applications, machine guards protective barriers use this material because of its extraordinary impact resistance.

Cut to Size Option

We can cut solid polycarbonate to size if required, please contact us with your exact dimensions for further details.