Hygiene Cladding - Food Grade Solid PVC - BioClad

Our BioClad Hygienic Cladding are Solid PVC panels suitable for a range of environments including commercial kitchens, medical industry and washrooms. 

These advanced PVC hygienic wall panels don't harbour bacteria in the same way as tiles and can be wiped clean in just seconds. The panels are resistant to chemicals typically found in the medical, healthcare and food production industries.

The Advanced PVC system is extruded, semi-rigid and 2mm thick with a smooth satin finish. It's watertight, Class 1 fire rated and comes with a 20-year guarantee.

Why buy BioClad Hygiene Cladding

BioClad advanced PVC panels don't flake or corrode like paint or steel does. 

The panels are resistant to a wide range of chemicals and Class 1 fire rated and Class 0 (when bonded to non-combustible substrate).  

The system can be cleaned easily using hot soappy water - a mild cleaning product such as Jif/Cif is suitable for use with stubborn marks. Mild solvent may also be used but an abrasive cleaner should not be used. Steam cleaning is suitable under 60˚C and power hosed no closer than 600mm.

Compatible Trims 

Our BioClad system is compatible with standard trims and details or can be welded and thermoformed.

Suitable Substrates 

Panels can be fixed to 12.5mm plasterboard, plywood, sand and cement rendering, dust-free good quality fair-faced brick
or blockwork or ceramic tiles which are securely bonded to substrate and degreased.

How do I cut the panels?

To cut panels you should use a fine toothed blade jigsaw or circular saw with fine TCT sawblade. Please ensure that the sheet is supported while being cut.

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